15 Questions With: A Corporate Lawyer

Big Deals & Big Law

When most people think about law, they tend to imagine a courtroom with a judge, a jury, and a potential jail sentence. The judge is probably wearing a black robe, and a lawyer is shouting 'objection!' After intense deliberations, the head juror holds up a piece of paper to deliver the dramatic statement: 'Your Honor, we find the defendant...'

The scene above would fall under the category of criminal law, a branch of law that deals with the punishment of individuals who commit crimes. Today though, we're going to be talking about corporate law, a branch of law that governs businesses and banks as large as Google and Chase.

The world of corporate law is high stakes and cutthroat. To learn more, I sat down with a corporate tax lawyer to discuss various aspects of the practice of corporate law, as well as what their experience was like working as an associate at a very large corporate law firm.