What Is A Phish Show Like?

You're Only Half Right

Photo credit to @aznpix

You've probably heard of Phish before. Maybe you think of them in the same vein as The Grateful Dead, or maybe you think of them as a Ben & Jerry's pint of swirled chewy marshmallow and gooey caramel in chocolate ice cream. You might even think of them as a bunch of hippies on drugs. There are plenty of articles online about the band, but many are glib and flippant. Having seen them live over 75 times, I want to give you an idea of what a Phish show is really like. If you've seen Phish before, this article may not be for you, but if you've never been to a Phish show and are even just a little bit curious about the experience, then this will be your very own front row seat.

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