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Make Your Layoff, PAYOFF

Are you in the club? Come see what we have to offer...

::Knock knock::

"What's the password?"


"You're in!"

Welcome to Club Layoff!

One of the hottest spots in town, Club Layoff is made up of 22 MILLION of the best, brightest, and most beautiful people in the country. Plus... we're growing everyday!

We have members from all walks of work, and all walks of life. Every single one of our members brings a special skill set and unique perspective to the club, and that includes you.

Look, we know you might not want to be here right now. We know you might be scared of the unknowns of having lost your job. We even know you might be feeling that potent emotion of "sanger" (1 part sadness, 2 parts anger). And we know this because we feel the same. We know this because we're right there with you. We know this... because we're in the club too.

But don't worry, because here at Club Layoff, we make sure all club memberships are temporary!

Although the circumstances may not be ideal, we want you to make the most of your time here. We want you to create systems to help keep yourself motivated and focused, and we want you to know that being a member of Club Layoff isn't a curse, but rather an opportunity to move on to something better.

We love honesty here at Club Layoff. So ask yourself:

Was your work really appreciated as much as it should have been? Well, maybe it's time to find someplace where it will be.

Were you tired of climbing someone else's ladder? Well, maybe it's time to build your own.

Were you really as happy as you could have been? Well, maybe it's time to not settle for anything less.

Here at The Club we find great value in the old saying: "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."

Whether it's a passion project, fashion project, or both, use your time in The Club to get it started. Learn a new skill. Start a new group. Make some progress, and give yourself something to brag about. Sure, the best time may have been 20 years ago, but the second best time is now. You'll be happy you did. We guarantee it.

As new and exciting opportunities start coming your way, remember your value, remember your worth, and remember your special skill set and unique perspective. You're a Club member who has the ability to bring value to any organization, so don't sell yourself short.

It's no secret that a blank slate can be frightening, believe us, we know. But a blank slate also means limitless potential. It means you have the chance to fill that slate with whatever shapes, colors, and ideas YOU feel make that slate look best. A blank slate is an opportunity to create. It's an opportunity to explore, and it's an opportunity to find out what your best self is truly capable of.

Even though Club Layoff may not have been your first choice, just remember: you're amongst friends, family, and colleagues... and all 22 million of us have your back.

Use your time here well, and be sure to make the most of it. Better yourself. Push your limits. And keep moving forward.

Because if you do, the next door you knock on will be sure to greet you like this...

::Knock knock::

"What's the password?"


"You're in!"

Welcome to Club Payoff!

Harry W. Brodsky

- Club member


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