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There's Something About Now

Quick Hit #1

Can you feel it?

The energy

It's intense

It's growing stronger

The excitement is building

It's going to happen

It's not if

But when

Your ideas are moving

It's time to stop talking

It's time to stop waiting

It's time to start building

There's people around you

They're skilled and they're motivated

That's your team

They can feel it

The energy

There's no better time

There never has been

There may never be again

You have what you need

You have what it takes

At this point, nothing can stop you

The pieces are in place

You're ready

You know it

It's scary

There's risk


This is what you dream of

This is your chance to do what you want

Take it

You waited long enough

It's time

There's work to be done

It's all coming together

The opportunity is here


- Harry W. Brodsky


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