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My 5 Sisters

Which One Do I Love The Most?

I have 5 sisters

5 older sisters

And 0 brothers

What are the odds of that?


But lucky for me

I hit the jackpot


Because I'm the baby boy

And I have 5 older sisters who love me

So much support

So much security

So much to be thankful for

But when it comes down to it

I'm their only brother

So what does that mean?

It means I'm the brother that they love the most

(By default of course, but I'll take what I can get)

Having 5 smart, successful, and of course, beautiful sisters in my corner gives me a leg up

These are some next level ladies

They're fierce

They're fun

They're family

I would bet on every single one of them

Every single day

And I love them all very much

But while that's all fine and good

The real question is...

Which one of my 5 sisters do I love the most?

This is obviously a very tough decision

No matter which sister I choose

I'll have 4 others VERY mad at me for not choosing them

The stakes are high

So in order to make sure I'm confident with my answer

I'll need to think about each one, run the numbers, and make my choice

Like I said

These ladies are fierce

So if after publishing this article

You don't hear from me again

Just know

I regret nothing

Let's go...


Shirah is my oldest sister

She's furthest from me in terms of age

But she's closest to me in terms of proximity

Shirah is cool

She's taken me to some of the best spots in New York City

She's made some of the best Thanksgiving food I've ever eaten

And back in the day

She changed some of my best diapers

She also gives the best hugs

Any day I see Shirah

Is better than a day I don't

She's loving, compassionate, and kindhearted

But on top of that

She's fun

She's fashionable

And she's extremely artistic

I mean

Check out this birthday card she made me...

So cool!

I love this card

Super artistic, right?

Let's open it up...

Very nice message

So sweet!

But it gets better

See what it says inside the star in the top right corner?


Shirah made me this card for my birthday

When I turned 3 years old

It's my oldest material possession

And it's something I've held on to throughout my entire life

For as long as I can remember

It's been there for me

Just like Shirah


Kate is my second oldest sister

When I was younger

Her nickname for me was 'Hooby Scooby Dooby'

And I cried when she left for college

Kate is one of the most caring people I know

She has strong values

She helps those in need

And she stands up for what she believes in

Kate is a natural born leader

She's someone I look to for guidance

Because she's almost always right

So if I tell Kate an idea

And she thinks it's a bad idea...

It's probably a bad idea


Some of my most cherished memories are thanks to Kate

In middle school

During summer and winter vacation

She would let me stay at her apartment in the Bronx

And those are times I will never forget

Throughout the course of my visits

Not only did I spend quality time with my sister

But I experienced the wonders of Halal Guys chicken and rice

And I learned that The Cheesecake Factory

Wasn't actually a cheesecake factory


If I'm being honest though

I also brought whoopee cushions on the subway

Stockpiled bootleg DVDs

And snuck into a movie theater...

With a whole apple pie and can of whipped cream down my pants

But she had nothing to do with that stuff

I swear


Nancy is my third oldest sister

She's smart

I mean really smart

She's an expert level reader

An expert level writer

And she introduced me to my second favorite author

Jack Kerouac


Thanks to Nancy

I know who Prince is

So not only did she introduce me to good literature

But good music as well

Nancy embodies empathy

She knows when to offer advice

But more importantly

She knows when to listen and let you vent

Being around Nancy is always reassuring

Her presence alone is calming and comforting

She has so many great qualities

But my favorite thing about her

Is that she's a teacher at heart

She takes her knowledge

She takes her wisdom

And she works hard to share it with others

It's people like Nancy who help make the world a better place

Her patience

Her persistence

And her actions

Have inspired me to do the same

(Dr. Seuss is my favorite in case you're still wondering)


Dana is my fourth oldest sister

She's a free spirit

And out of all my sisters

She has influenced me the most

Growing up

I wanted to be like Dana

I wanted to move to Brooklyn

And live the city lifestyle

Just like her

She's been influential

But she's also been dedicated

The amount of effort Dana has put into creating lasting memories is second to none

And I will always be grateful for how generous she has been to me

Just to name a few things...

She visited me in Spain

She visited me in Binghamton

She took me to Chicago

She took me to California

She let me go with her to Pearl Jam shows