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The Laundry Chute

Quick Hit #2

It's 1998

I'm 5

And Pokémon is HOT right now

I'm sitting in my mom's minivan on the way to my friend Lee's house

The sun is shining

And hopes are high

It's sure to be a fun playdate

We pull into Lee's driveway

My mom stops the car


I unbuckle my seatbelt and hop out of the car

I walk up the driveway and head directly to the steps

I'm excited

I get to the door and ring the bell

::Dingggggg Donggggggg Bingggggg Bonggggggg::

::Bingggggg Bonggggggg Dingggggg Donggggggg::

Lee has one of those long door bell rings

How do they make door bells have different sounds?

Can you choose any sound for your door bell?

Can you choose the Pokémon theme song for your door bell??

::🎶 I wanna be the very best 🎶::

::🎶 Like no one ever was 🎶::

I see Lee's mom!

She opens the door and let's me know that Lee is upstairs

I take off my light-up Sketchers, wave goodbye to my mom, and make a dash for the stairs

I run through the kitchen

I pass by the laundry room

I get to the steps

And I sprint up them two at a time

When I get to the top

I make a quick right and walk into Lee's room

He's not there...




I hear him call back


I still can't see him though

"Where are you??"

"I'm in my parent's bathroom!"


Why is Lee in his parent's bathroom?

Who knows?

I'll go find out though

I walk down the hallway and make a left into Lee's parent's bedroom

It's a nice room

So much space

Why do parents always have so many pillows on their bed?

What do they do with all of them?

I only have one pillow on my bed


I walk past the pillow pile and head for the bathroom

I step inside and there he is...



I give him a hug and a high five

"What do you want to do today?"

"Well I need your help with something" he says

"My help?"

"Yeah. I dropped two of my Pokémon cards down the laundry chute, and I need help getting them back"

"Okay. How can I help?"

"Come with me" he says

Lee takes me over to his parent's bathroom counter

He opens a cabinet under the sink

And he shows me a hole in the ground

"Okay, they're down here" he tells me


"The Pokémon cards. They're down there"

"You have a hole in your floor"

"Well the Pokémon cards are down there"

"How did they get down there?"

"I threw them down there"


"I don't know. But we have to get them back"


I hadn't thought about it like that

He is so right

We have to get them back

"You have any ideas?" he asks


I walk over to the hole

Look down

And wonder...

Why would anyone leave a hole in the floor of their house?

There is floor everywhere else

Did they forget this one spot?


Maybe they forgot

Then they put a cabinet here so nobody would notice

That must be it


Why not cover it?

Use one of those extra pillows to plug it up

That's what I would do

"You have any ideas?" he asks again


I sit down in front of the hole

I put a leg in and wiggle it around

I curl my toes to try and grab the cards with my feet

I lift my leg out...

No Pokémon cards

"It didn't work"

"You have any other ideas?" Lee asks


I get down

And lay on my belly

I slide right next to the hole in the ground

And put an arm down it

I pretend my hand is a claw

And start grabbing


::Grab Grab::


10 grabs later

I pull my arm out...

No Pokémon cards

"It didn't work"

"DANGIT! It didn't work when I tried grabbing either" Lee says

"You already tried grabbing?"


"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I don't know"


I hadn't thought about it like that

Lee makes a good point

We sit there and think

How are we gonna get these Pokémon cards back?

What's the smartest thing we can come up with?

"I got it!" Lee says

"You do?"

"Yeah. I'll be right back"

Lee leaves his parent's bathroom

I stand over the hole and look down into it

What the heck is this thing?

Who has a hole in their floor??

I don't have any holes in the floor at my house

And why is it called a laundry chute?

Who throws their clothes down a hole?

Where does it go?

I put my laundry in a basket


Lee's parents are from South Africa

Maybe this is how they get there?

My parents aren't from South Africa

That must be why we don't have a hole!

"I have the answer!" Lee yells

He runs back into the bathroom

He holds his arm out in front of him and shows me